Friday, October 31, 2014


So, after a month (where'd the time go?!) here's another post. I did some fall decorating on the porch. 

 The door was already painted this orangy color. They painted over the handle and everything.
 I made this wreath from things from Hobby Lobby. I should have adjusted the burlap bow before taking the photo. lol

The plant is still alive after several weeks! It's in a hanging pot but I think I'll leave it on this little stand. I bought it at Grumbles House Antiques & Garden Shop in downtown Dunnellon. It's a neat place. I also bought a ceramic pumpkin that's in a planting near the driveway. I bought the basket at a garage sale and tied another burlap bow on the handle and added decorations. And the big yellow mum I bought at Howard's Flea Market in Homossasa Springs. It's a huge flea market.

We had 5 trick-or-treaters tonight. They were very polite, said thank you and called me ma'am so I let them take another treat. Still plenty leftover. I also let the pizza delivery guy take some. ;)

I hear they had snow for Halloween in Indiana. I remember trick-or-treating in snow once with my 2 guys. It usually was rainy and cold on Halloween. Just so they don't feel bad, it's supposed to be record cold here tomorrow. May have to break out the long pants.