Monday, September 29, 2014

This and That

Whew! What a time I'm having getting used to this new place. Our new home is beautiful but I'm still trying to make it our own.

One issue we have is I cannot put down any carpets or rugs. Our old dog, Homer, is having old age issues and thinks they are washable pee pads. Ugh! Luckily, he only pees and doesn't poop inside (except if we leave him too long.) He hasn't messed on my handmade rug my mother made us for our first anniversary, which is great.  He does this crazy run-around-as-fast-as-you-can thing every few days and it's so funny watching him spinning his wheels on these wood and tile floors. Too funny!

Another issue we have is furnishings. I didn't want to go out and buy a bunch of new furniture so I have refurbished some old stuff from the basement of our house in Indiana. That's worked out well but I do not do re-upholstery so a few things still look scraggly. I bought an awesome soft fluffy rug to put in the spare room before company came and it was supposed to be brown. Well, it looks like a light pea-soup-green. I will be leaving it in the back bedroom. I have found some awesome second-hand/thrift stores in Ocala that I love: Tumbleweed and The White Elephant. I've gotten some neat things from these two places that I've painted and have been filling in the blanks around the house with. A couple weeks ago I bought a tall, thin, 10-drawer chest that needs a face lift. Still working out the right combo's for it. It's fun starting new projects.

One thing I am really enjoying about living here though:  home delivery! There are actually 2 pizza places that will deliver right to our front door! Awesome! And, for the times I send DH for carry-out, the food is still warm when he gets back! Isn't that exciting!

Anyway, I'm waiting for that magic day when I walk into this home and feel like I'm home. Time is on my side...

Here's a picture of DS helping me move furniture around:

And one of DH from the deck of one of the restaurants on the Rainbow River:

Now, go out and make it a good day!