Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Washi tape

Here's my 15 year old nephew when he was widdle. :) I finally used my Washi tape from Mindy Mae's Market on a layout. Sure is easy! Kinda simple layout but it's such a cute picture I didn't want to overwhelm it. 

What is Washi tape you ask? Well, it did originate in Japan. It's like masking tape only prettier. It's made of paper but not as delicate as you'd think. It's typically made from natural fibers, like bamboo or hemp or from the bark of common trees of Japan, like the mulberry or gampi tree. It's become quite popular for crafting in the last few years. A roll usually runs under $5.00. Most are acid-free, as well. With hundreds of colors and prints to choose from, this is a must have for scrapbookers! Check out Pinterest for some neat ideas.