Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Banner

Here's a banner I made for my niece's open house. I downloaded the pennant die-cut file from Cricut Craft Room to my Gypsy then to my Cricut. (I am missing a cable to download directly to my Cricut.)
I doubled the scallop edged pennant and folded it in half to make it stronger. I then stuck on the plain edge pennant. I cut out the tags from one of my own cartridges and stuck them on. Stickers came next. I used the pinpoint stabber-thingy tool to put a tiny hole in the two top corners in order to thread the twine through. I then just tied the pennants together in one long banner. 
I also made pennants with each letter of her name. I gave that part to her after her open house was over and kept the part that says "congratulations" on it. I will add my son's name in two years and then the year after that we can use it again for my nephew (as long as they keep going to a school with black and red school colors ;)

Here's how it looked hung up at the open house. (Above it, in my brother's garage, is an old menu sign from the drive-in that we owned in the 70's. Thanks, Susan, for taking the photo!)
 Congratulations, Kayla!

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