Friday, February 17, 2012


Sitting here with a sinus headache thinking "is it spring?" It was warm and sunny today - February!?! Puts you in the mood for nice days on the front porch watching the birds feed (when the neighbor's cat isn't around! lol!)
 Love my glow-in-the-dark wind-chime.
DH & Son #1 were going to go on a long weekend snowmobiling at the end of the month. They may not be able to find any snow! What a crazy winter. It should look like this:
 (Taken 2-2-11)
Well, there's always next year...(I am a Cubs fan, after all.)

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Cely said...

love the picture with your little purr baby in it! and thank you for hopping along with us during carri's birthday hop and becoming my newest follower!