Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shopping anyone?

So, before I head off to Michael's to use my coupons before they expire, I thought I'd add some layouts I've done earlier.
Our family gets together and makes cookies every Christmas. I love the bottom paper cuz it looks like linoleum!

And then I made this layout for the first page of my family album. It says "Shniker-Shrads", a combination of my mother's last name, Schnekenburger, and my step-father's last name, Schroeder. She had 5 kids, he had 3.  What a crew! I really should try to focus on getting a whole album done. I get side-tracked with other photos when I think of something cool to do for them. It took me FOREVER to get Son #1's basketball album done (wait, I think I still have to add his Senior year!).  Ha! 
Can't wait to see what I can find at the craft store!!

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