Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retreat Group

Here's our group scrappin' away. The lighting wasn't that great after sunset, but we made do. There was actually a pool to the left. Thank goodness no one fell in. I was amazed by how many pages some of the ladies completed. 
Me, I'm slow. I only got 6 plus a birthday card. One lady usually has all her pages in organizers ready to assemble when she gets there. I just take everything I have and start from scratch with each layout. Before I left, I asked those who were there if they wanted to pick out their favorite layout of the retreat and I'd post it on my blog.
I'll start with the lady who organizes our retreats, Rhonda.

This is her son on his first bicycle. We all joked that he's on the ground crying and she's snapping away with the camera. Don't you just love that face? Her challenge was using 11 photos of the sequence. She did cut it down to 9. I think it works great.


Danielle said...

Adorable! I love scrapbooking. Love your blog! Newest follower :)

LeighAnnH said...

Thanks so much, Danielle!