Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Favorite Drummer

So, Son #2 likes playing in the band. He's pretty darn good, too! He has taken guitar lessons since he was about 7 years old. I'll never forget the time his teacher held a recital at the local nursing home. One of the songs he played was Amazing Grace and the residents there started singing along. It brought tears to my eyes! When he got in high school he joined the band and plays the drums. He does a great job on Wipeout for the Pep Band at the basketball games. Unfortunately, kids don't seem to be too interested in music where he goes to school. There's only about 8 kids in the band now. So sad. Here's a photo of the band last year marching in a parade:
You can see his head, near the lamp post in the back. He has the mirror sunglasses on. The band was a lot bigger last year. ;)
Here's a layout I did of some shots our favorite local photographer took. 
Check out her website: Photography by Jayme
He's my favorite drummer!

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Jayme Goetz said...

That layout is great!! So neat that you are sharing your creations on here.