Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crescent Roll Tacos

So, today I created supper - Crescent Roll Tacos. I had found a recipe on Pinterest called Chicken Crescent Squares which came from a blog titled Plain Chicken (cooked by Steph), who says she got the recipe from her favorite cookbook, Southern Living Homestyle Cooking. I tried that recipe last week and everyone loved it. (Personally, I thought there was too much bread/roll and not enough filling but the boys liked it that way.) I asked the boys what they'd like for supper tonight and they said tacos. I thought that was kind of boring so I decided to make the taco meat and use it in the crescent roll recipe. Here's what I did:

First I preheated the oven to 350 degrees F.

I fried up 2 lbs. of ground chuck. I could have used 1 lb. but I had a 2 lb. package so I fried it all. I can use the leftovers for lunch.

I then added Tastefully Simple Simply Southwest Seasoning and water to the cooked hamburger and mixed well. (The aforementioned friend, Rhonda, also sells Tastefully Simple products. She got me hooked on those, too.)

I then rolled out a triangle of the crescent roll to make it thinner.

I then put a couple tablespoons of the meat mixture onto this dough. Don't use too much or it will be hard to keep the filling contained. Put about a tablespoon or so of cheddar cheese on top of the meat.

Roll out another crescent roll triangle and lay it on top of the cheese. Pinch together the seams.

Bake in the oven about 10 minutes, till brown.

I topped mine with some more cheddar cheese, salsa, lettuce and sour cream. Pretty yummy!

DH said it was good. Son #1 - Mr Picky - gave it a 12 out of 10. Son #2 - the Chef - gave it an 11.
So, there. Dinner is served!


Mom said...

darn it, I wish I had some crescent rolls at home......

Mom said...

MOM?? Guess I should change my user name - Lori

Matt said...

Ash makes all kinds of crazy things with crescent rolls. Need breakfast? Throw some jam in the middle and bake! Voila!

Crescent rolls may be the most underrated cooking additive in your freezer. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Pinterest is such an awesome site. I found a Pepperoni Pizza recipe on there using Crescent Rolls and a mini cupcake pan. YUM. I have to say, that taco recipe is something I might have to try. That looks good.

Hurfswife said...

Yummy! I will try this, love finding NEW ways to use my Tastefully Simple.

Fuubaar said...

True Story, a Crescent Roll can become anything for any meal!

Meat, Fruit, or Cheese is perfect! Even experimenting with the shapes is fun too!

<3 Ashley

Anonymous said...

Pinterest is great, isn't it? I make something similar to this, but I make it as a casserole with crescent rolls on the bottom and on the top. I love anything with Mexican flavored meat. :)