Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Generation!

Tonight I thought I'd touch on genealogy. I was thrilled when I found the record of my third-great-grandfather's third marriage. Johann Martin SCHNEKENBURGER married Martha Ellen ROBERTS on 26 Mar 1897 in Kentland, Newton Co., Indiana. He was 70 years old and she was 44. (John had previously been married to Martha's sister, Lucinda A ROBERTS. She died between 1882 and 1897. Before that he was married to Catherine DIEHL. She died Jan 1878.) I was able to find this marriage record after finding John's (Johann's) will records. It listed his previous two wives and the children he had by them and then listed his current marriage to Martha. I then looked at the Newton County, Indiana, marriage records index and found their application for marriage. This application showed the bride's and groom's parents. John's parents were Erhard and Barbara SCHNEKENBURGER. Another generation found! After finding the names of John's parents,  I searched for their marriage record at There they were! I found where my German ancestors came from, Oberbaldingen, Villingen, Baden, Germany. Yeah! I found photos online of Oberbaldingen. It looks a lot like Indiana.

Where are your ancestors from?

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