Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Savannah, GA

I'm sitting here daydreaming about a vacation. Reminds me of the last one DH and I took. I had always wanted to go to Savannah so we went last year. Here's some great shots from the trip.

 We stayed at the Mansion On Forsyth Park. It was lovely!

Our package included breakfast so, of course, I got room service. Almond pancakes with fresh strawberries. Fabulous!

The beautiful fountain at Forsyth Park. The water was still tinted green for St. Patrick's Day.

Of course, all the city squares were fun to stroll through. Great weather for strolling, especially coming from winter in Indiana.

Beautiful homes and gardens. Loved the wisteria!

And DH's favorite part - watching the huge ships pass by the rooftop lounge we stopped at. They served a great artichoke and spinach dip.

It was a great time! Wonder where we'll go next?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

He Shoots He Scores

So, this was a layout I made using sequence photos that Photography by Jayme (http://www.photographybyjayme.com/) took for me. She loves that I scrapbook. And I love the action shots she would get. Anyway, Son #1 loved shooting from the 3-point line in high school. During this sequence he scored the winning basket on Senior night. This was one of the first layouts I had ever made. I used my neighbor's, Rhonda's, Cricut to cut out the He Shoots He Scores. I don't remember where the stickers are from. I'm always on the look-out for more sports layout ideas...

Saturday, January 28, 2012


With a heavy heart I dedicate this post to my husband's Aunt Linda. She passed away today from cancer. She was a beautiful lady and loved children. Here is a photo of her with the Thomas the Tank Engine cake she made for Son #2 when he was 4. He loved it.

And here is her Senior picture. She graduated from Kouts, Indiana.
See, wasn't she beautiful? Rest in peace, Auntie Linda.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby and Pengiuns

I thought I'd try a new scrapbook technique: mirror image. It was fun! I downloaded a book on my laptop Kindle reader titled: Scrapbook Border, Corners and Titles from Memory Makers. The section I mimicked was titled Sticker Reflections. You should give it a try! The photos are from a trip we took a few years ago with my brother and his family, our neighbor and family, and another family of 4. That was 16 of us! We went to South Range, (Copper Harbor area), MI with our snowmobiles. It was a good time!  I used cardstock from my own stash, vellum from Paper Accents, Penguin stickers from Mrs. Grossman's Winterscape, and Sled Neck license plate sticker from Karen Foster Design.

I also found some paper I loved called Sweet and Spicy from Lifestyle Crafts that I used for Son #2's newborn pictures. The die cuts are from Creative Memories Shine line and Modern Floral pearl stickers are from Michaels.

I only started scrapbooking last year so I am still learning. There is a lot to learn!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chicken Elegante

I cooked again tonight! I used a recipe I cut out of a magazine probably about 15 years ago. (I used to cut them out and put them in a spiral index-card tablet. Haven't added any since laptops came along though.)

I took five boneless, skinless chicken breasts, seasoned them with Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt and browned them in a little butter.

While they were browning, I mixed 2 cups of Stove Top Stuffing-Chicken Flavor, 1 cup of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of butter and let that sit while the chicken browned.

The recipe calls for 1-1/3 cups of broccoli but I didn't have any so I used frozen green beans, thawed. Put the browned chicken in a baking pan. Stack a layer of stuffing on top of the chicken, add some green beans on top of that and cover with one 12-oz jar Heinz HomeStyle Chicken Gravy.

Cover and bake at 350 deg. F for 30 minutes. Yum! DH gave it an 8 and both boys gave it a 7. One didn't like the stuffing spices and the other said it had too many green beans. I give it a 9. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Generation!

Tonight I thought I'd touch on genealogy. I was thrilled when I found the record of my third-great-grandfather's third marriage. Johann Martin SCHNEKENBURGER married Martha Ellen ROBERTS on 26 Mar 1897 in Kentland, Newton Co., Indiana. He was 70 years old and she was 44. (John had previously been married to Martha's sister, Lucinda A ROBERTS. She died between 1882 and 1897. Before that he was married to Catherine DIEHL. She died Jan 1878.) I was able to find this marriage record after finding John's (Johann's) will records. It listed his previous two wives and the children he had by them and then listed his current marriage to Martha. I then looked at the Newton County, Indiana, marriage records index and found their application for marriage. This application showed the bride's and groom's parents. John's parents were Erhard and Barbara SCHNEKENBURGER. Another generation found! After finding the names of John's parents,  I searched for their marriage record at FamilySearch.org. There they were! I found where my German ancestors came from, Oberbaldingen, Villingen, Baden, Germany. Yeah! I found photos online of Oberbaldingen. It looks a lot like Indiana.

Where are your ancestors from?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crescent Roll Tacos

So, today I created supper - Crescent Roll Tacos. I had found a recipe on Pinterest called Chicken Crescent Squares which came from a blog titled Plain Chicken (cooked by Steph), who says she got the recipe from her favorite cookbook, Southern Living Homestyle Cooking. I tried that recipe last week and everyone loved it. (Personally, I thought there was too much bread/roll and not enough filling but the boys liked it that way.) I asked the boys what they'd like for supper tonight and they said tacos. I thought that was kind of boring so I decided to make the taco meat and use it in the crescent roll recipe. Here's what I did:

First I preheated the oven to 350 degrees F.

I fried up 2 lbs. of ground chuck. I could have used 1 lb. but I had a 2 lb. package so I fried it all. I can use the leftovers for lunch.

I then added Tastefully Simple Simply Southwest Seasoning and water to the cooked hamburger and mixed well. (The aforementioned friend, Rhonda, also sells Tastefully Simple products. She got me hooked on those, too.)

I then rolled out a triangle of the crescent roll to make it thinner.

I then put a couple tablespoons of the meat mixture onto this dough. Don't use too much or it will be hard to keep the filling contained. Put about a tablespoon or so of cheddar cheese on top of the meat.

Roll out another crescent roll triangle and lay it on top of the cheese. Pinch together the seams.

Bake in the oven about 10 minutes, till brown.

I topped mine with some more cheddar cheese, salsa, lettuce and sour cream. Pretty yummy!

DH said it was good. Son #1 - Mr Picky - gave it a 12 out of 10. Son #2 - the Chef - gave it an 11.
So, there. Dinner is served!

And so it begins...

Thanks to my neighbor, Rhonda, I have become addicted to scrapbooking. I love to create things, I love my family and I love to document our lives with photos. Scrapbooking involves it all. I'm not the quickest page maker but I love my results. Here are a few to start with:

Hope you enjoy them!

Monday, January 2, 2012